First Idealist Network Meeting in Denver

Last night at Hooked on Colfax, four Denver connectors met for the first time to introduce themselves and discuss the Idealist Network in Denver.

Ross expressed a deeply-felt passion to serve the community where he was born and raised. Particularly, he’s interested in donating his web development expertise for the social good! Local nonprofits take note!

Nate came with a ton of passion for the idea and design of the Idealist Network. Providing a platform that more effectively connects people, organizations and resources has been a long-time passion project of his. One important question he raised was how can we find the individuals out there who already have connecting roles in the community. They may not be affiliated with Idealist. They may not even recognize themselves as facilitators. So how do we reach them and get them to self identify?

Heidi and I (Dave) represented Idealist as community managers for the Denver hub. Although we’re not here to “lead” the Idealist Network in Denver, we do want to make ourselves available as a resource for this new movement. We discussed how the Denver Idealist page could be put to use as a tool for connectors. One idea was the possibility of offering our platform for folks to write for specific social change. A month-long blog series by a large team of community bloggers to raise awareness about a particular issue, for example.

All in all, it was a good start. From here, we agreed that meeting and communicating online might be more effective towards defining who we are as connectors and how we’ll work together. In-person meetings, though important, would be more supplementary.

If you’re not yet a connector, but like to help people move from intention to action, you can visit the connector hub to learn more and join the Denver team.

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